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Kidscloud was designed to make your life easier, by assisting you with your daily administration and management tasks allowing you to focus on the fun stuff. Below you will find a list of key features that makes our software beneficial to your school.



Total Preschool Management

With Kidscloud you can manage and automate tedious everyday tasks leaving you with more time.

Automated invoicing

Automate your tuition invoicing and billing reminders.

Communication Centre

Integrated emails and SMS with optional scheduling.

Child and parent data

Safely store all of your child and parents details, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Emergency contacts

Instant access to parent contact, emergency and medical information.

Centralised Reporting

Custom reports to suit your requirements.

Continual Development

We continually develop and improve Kidscloud to meet the unique individual needs your childcare facility.



How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the size of your childcare facility, making our software affordable for everyone.

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